Becoming a Police support volunteer within North Wales Police is an excellent opportunity to become involved with different aspects of policing and gain experience within a professional and public organisation. It offers the opportunity to meet new people and work as part of a team, engage and interact with people from different communities and backgrounds whilst making a positive contribution to the local community.

By volunteering with us you could play a vital role in helping us deliver and improve the service we provide to communities across North Wales Police.

All kinds of people volunteer, across a wide age range, with a variety of different backgrounds, skills and life experiences. If you have some spare time we will be able to provide opportunities to help you develop yourself, learn new skills and make a difference in the communities.

You will be fully supported in your role as a volunteer, and provided with the appropriate training and updates.

What are Volunteers?

As described by the Home Office a Volunteer is “someone who commits time and energy for the benefit of society, the community, environment and/or individuals, undertaking this freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain”.

A Police Support Volunteer is someone who performs voluntary tasks, at the direction and on behalf of the organisation, through personal choice.

Police Support Volunteers agree to do this without expectation of compensation or financial reward, except for the payment of pre-determined and agreed out of pocket expenses.

There is no obligation therefore when an individual agrees to take on a voluntary role, and no contract of employment is issued. Either party may cancel the voluntary agreement at any time. All Volunteers are required to sign forms agreeing to the principles of the Data Protection Act and the Official Secrets Act.

What activities or roles do Volunteers do?

Volunteers and the work they carry out are not designed to replace employees; the underlying principle of the agreement is that volunteers compliment and support staff roles. Being a volunteer provides a unique opportunity for individuals to use their skills, experience and local knowledge to make a positive contribution in their community by supporting the work we do.

Opportunities and activities vary from one department to another according to the needs across the Force and in local communities.

For example some of our roles are based within our community teams, specialist units whilst others are office based providing support and coordination for policing operations and teams.

Who can volunteer?

We do not expect formal qualifications for most tasks, but what we are interested in is common sense, dedication and the ability to communicate with people.

You must be over 18. Due to the nature of the Police Service voluntary roles will require security checks to be completed.

You will be subject to the same criteria as all members of the Force, and as such your application may not be accepted if there is a conflict of interest in your professional or personal life.

What to expect as a Police support volunteer

Volunteers are members of the community who, following training, make an invaluable contribution by giving up their time in a diverse range of roles alongside police officers and police staff.

Our volunteer programme gives members of the public the opportunity to use their time and skills for the benefit of their communities and in a way that is interesting and enjoyable.

Tasks undertaken by volunteers are intended to support the work of police officers and police staff. Their valuable contribution is not in any way a substitute or an alternative for the work carried out by full and part-time staff.

Academic qualifications are not necessary, however it is essential you are honest, have integrity and possess basic numeracy and literacy skills. You will also have a positive and friendly approach towards the public, an ability to work in a team, together with a willingness to learn new skills.

This will depend on the role but generally between two and four hours per week (averaged out over a 12 month period). The hours you actually do will be negotiated between yourself and the person identified as your main point of day-to-day contact.

Yes. North Wales Police has liability insurance cover.

A full medical is not necessary. However, as part of the application process you will be required to complete a self declaration form.

Only in certain circumstances, you will be required to see the police occupational health nurse/advisor to undertake a health and well-being screening check.

Yes, the police will need to complete a check on both you and your immediate family. You will, at times, have access to confidential information and for this reason the checks are common practice.

Dependent on your role you may be issued with a uniform, which may comprise of a fleece and/or T-shirt for Winter/Summer wear; safety vest; Identification armband.

You will also be issued with a North Wales Police identification badge.

The provisions of the Force Welsh Language Scheme apply to Police Support Volunteers, who should attain Level 1 [Linguistic courtesy and pronunciation]. Specific roles may require a higher level and this will be stipulated on the role profile. A downloadable CD and printable document to accompany the CD will be made available. The Force will give support as necessary to the volunteer to reach the requisite and stated standard of Welsh competency.

Training is an important part of our volunteer programme.

On appointment, you will be expected to attend an induction event in order to brief you on certain expectations the Force places on all our staff. A role-specific induction and training will be given.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to undertake the duties of a volunteer without completing the following elements of the training programme:

  • Data Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Diversity (Equal Opportunities and Community and Race Relations)

Other elements of training available may include basic procedures such as: communications including the use of radio and telephone; conflict management/ diffusion; first aid (preservation of life) and instruction how to use/access the emergency and security equipment.

In order to claim travel expenses and / or refreshments the volunteer must have registered their hours on DutySheet and submit the Volunteers expenses claim form.

Travel to and from the place of volunteering and authorised mileage incurred during their volunteering will be at a rate of 45p per mile. Volunteers must inform their insurance company that they are volunteering and obtain the appropriate business insurance cover.

Public transport costs will be reimbursed upon production of their ticket. If a Public Transport pass is used this will be on a pro rata basis.

Further expenses would only normally be given when the Police Support Volunteer has incurred additional expenses over and above that of their normal role.

Should a Police Support Volunteer give five or more hours pre-planned continual volunteering they will be entitled to claim up to £5.00 for refreshments, which must be supported by a receipt.

Application process

Ensure that the application form is fully complete before returning it - if it is incomplete this will result in a delay in the process, or at worst your application will be rejected.

We advise you to read the application guidance notes provided before starting to complete the application form.

Your application form will be assessed to check if you are suitable for the role.

If you are eligible for the role, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to arrange a suitable location, date and time for an informal interview. We would like to understand more about you as an individual and your ethics and values.

After the interview, you will be required to demonstrate your Welsh language skills at level 1. This will take the form of an oral test based on the learning resources in our Welsh language section.

Applicants will be subject to background vetting checks, in addition current employer and two personal references will be requested. Academic checks may be requested depending on role.

Applicants will be required to complete a medical health questionnaire [PDF]. After you have been successful at the interview these forms will be forwarded to our Occupational Health Unit where they will be examined and dealt with in confidence.

Depending on your Medical Health Questionnaire, you may be required to attend our Occupational Health Unit for a medical assessment.

Subject to satisfactory completion of the above, you will be offered the volunteer role.

You are then required to attend an induction plus complete any necessary training.

You can browse and apply for current opportunities on our online recruitment portal.

Please note that North Wales Police will not reimburse applicants of any travel expenses incurred when attending any of the selection process.

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