The Welsh Language Standards are a set of legally binding requirements that aim to improve the bilingual services that the public in North Wales can expect to receive from North Wales Police.

The Standards set out what our responsibilities are in terms of providing bilingual services and information both to the public and also to staff in specific situations, ensuring the Welsh Language is not treated any less favourably than the English language. The Standards provide an opportunity to consolidate and improve our bilingual provision.

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If you feel that we haven’t complied with the Welsh Language Standards applicable to North Wales Police, please visit our Thanks and complaints section.

The Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011

The Welsh Language Act 1993 has had a significant impact on the way that public and Crown bodies provide services to the public in Wales. This includes all Police Forces and the Justice Sector in Wales. It follows a period of over 400 years in our history when English was the only language of administration. Since 1993 we have had a duty to prepare a Welsh Language Scheme which explains in detail how we treat both the English and Welsh languages on the basis of equality. This includes working to ensure that we have the necessary skills and ability to offer a genuine language choice when dealing with the public.

We now have enhanced Welsh Language legislation. The Welsh Language Measure was given Royal Assent in early 2011. This new law confirms the official status of Welsh in Wales along side the English language. As well as introducing a number of Welsh language ‘Standards’ it also creates the role of a Welsh Language Commissioner with strong enforcement powers to protect the rights of Welsh speakers to access services through the medium of Welsh.

In responding to the requirements of this legislation the Force is able to demonstrate its own commitment in our Welsh Language Scheme to give equal status to both languages and to work to become a bilingual organisation.