North Wales Police are seeking a Motorcyclist Surveillance Officer to transfer from another Home Office Force and join our growing Surveillance Team.  The team work across the force area and with other local forces and partner agencies regionally.

There are two geographical bases located in the Eastern and Central areas of the Force.

You will be required to undertake covert foot and vehicle surveillance in order to obtain intelligence and evidence to assist investigations and operations.  You will debrief covert operations on a daily basis, ensuring the evidential log is accurate.

We are seeking applications from officers who are Q1 and Q2 National Surveillance accredited (or equivalent) and a current advanced car driver.

This role has been assessed as agile therefore there will be the flexibility to work from home when not deployed on live operations. The Surveillance shift pattern is Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm however as a Surveillance Officer you will need to be flexible and understand due to the nature of the work undertaken shifts are often changed at short notice to meet operational requirements.

Due to the specialist nature of this transferee positon we are offering a Relocation Expenses Package in order to support the financial costs associated with transferring.

This allows you to claim expenses up to a value of £5,000 towards the costs of relocating to North Wales.

There are certain criteria to ensure that you are eligible to take advantage of this; costs that can be assisted with include:

  • Costs of removal, including removal fees and storage costs
  • Solicitor’s fees and estate agent fees incurred in selling your former home against estimations agreed.
  • Solicitors fees, estate agent fees and stamp duty incurred in acquiring a new property
  • Expenses for initially arranging the rental of the former home owned by the transferring officer.

Police officers claiming relocation expenses will be required to repay the expenses in the following proportions if they choose to leave the force within 2 years of their transfer:

  • 100% if they leave within 6 months of start date
  • 75% if they leave within 12 months of start date
  • 50 % if they leave within 18 months of start date
  • 25% if they leave within 24 months of start date