We need to be sure we recruit people of the highest quality, so our application process involves several challenging steps. 

Even if you achieve them all, be aware that it does not automatically guarantee a position with us. We have to balance the operational needs of the Force with the number of vacancies.

Read the guidance notes provided within the application form (PDF) and make sure the form is fully completed – if anything is missing the process will be delayed, or your application may be rejected.

We suggest you keep a copy of the finished form so you can refer back to it in the future.

Please read all these slides carefully.

This is the first part of the selection process.

Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, as they will also be assessed.

The interview will last 30-40 minutes and will be based on the Competency and Values Framework [PDF] and your research into North Wales Police.

We are flexible in terms of language used in the interview. You will need to let us know whether you want to speak in English or Welsh, or a combination of both if that is easier for you. The interview is not a test of your Welsh skills.

Here at North Wales Police we actively encourage all our staff and officers to use Welsh in their daily lives at work.

Therefore we ask all new police officers to demonstrate basic skills in the Welsh language (level 2 competency).

The review will take place in an informal manner with a sympathetic Welsh speaker. We offer support and guidance to help you achieve the required level for the role.

We also have online learning resources that may assist you with your learning. Please note it is a spoken review - there is no written test.

If you are a fluent Welsh language speaker or went to an all Welsh speaking school then you won’t need to complete the review. This will be verified during the process.

Your details will be sent to our Vetting unit to start carrying out background checks.

You will be asked to provide a fingerprint and DNA sample, to be stored on the Police Elimination Database.

Policing has never been an easy job. You will be required to handle a variety of situations involving physically challenging tasks.

You will need strength, agility and stamina to deal effectively with situations as well as to defend yourself and others. You also need to be fit to handle police equipment safely and to work shifts.

The fitness test is a way for us to ensure you are fit enough to cope with the demands of the job.

Learn more about what the test involves [PDF].

You will have been given a medical history questionnaire and an optician’s form. These must be completed by your doctor and optician – please note that they may charge you for doing this, and it can take up to four weeks to return the forms to you.

As part of the medical you will be required to undertake a drugs test.

Once the process is complete and information gathered we will negotiate a start date for you, taking your individual training requirements into consideration.

Return your completed application form to:

Recruitment Department
North Wales Police Headquarters
Colwyn Bay
LL29 8AW

Or email: [email protected]

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North Wales Police embraces diversity. We welcome applications from everyone.