Could you join your local police force and make a difference in your community? Find out what life is really like on the beat.

As a police officer your job will be to reduce crime and the fear of crime, and promote confidence among local people that the police understand and are prepared to deal with issues that matter most to them.

Our Police Constables are the face and voice of North Wales Police. They’re on the ground, working in partnership with the public and organisations in making a difference to the local community. They come from different walks of life, but are united by the same goal – to keep communities safe.

Every day our officers come to work ready to face the unknown – but it can also be rewarding.  You’ll have a key role in supporting victims and witnesses and providing reassurance to individuals who’ve been subjected to crime and anti-social behaviour. Many people will look to you for guidance and protection from such experience; to provide this effectively you’ll need to be able to demonstrate confidence, see things from their perspective and tailor your approach to address their particular needs and fears.

Policing is one of the most varied jobs there is. From responding to a 999 call you may be saving a life, conducting traffic stops, preventing domestic abuse, identifying modern slavery, supporting victims, finding vulnerable people, or being the first on the scene in a disaster such as an accident, deceased, public disorders or terrorist attacks. Whatever your day brings, you’ll be in a unique position in making North Wales the safest place in the UK.

We’re looking for people who reflect the communities we serve, people who can bring diversity of experience and who are willing to protect our streets.  

North Wales Police are committed to diversifying our police service, and in the past year the government uplift programme has presented us with unique opportunities in achieving this. We’ve been active in the community in reaching out to people from under-represented groups and anyone with protected characteristics. You can find out about the support we provide by visiting our Positive Action team page

There’s never been a better time to join North Wales Police.

You can apply now via the Pre-Join Degree entry route. Closing date: October 28th. 

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