At North Wales Police we want to make a difference.

Officers and staff from all different backgrounds have come together to tell their stories and highlight our dedication to diversity, inclusion and equality.

“As an Indian police officer and Vice Chair for the Black and Asian Police Association I have been able to support my BAME colleagues and engage with the under-represented groups in our communities to build bridges of trust and break down cultural barriers.

I am currently working in the Workforce Representation team where I have helped educate our staff, officers, and leaders around different religions and cultures. I have also been actively recruiting diverse members of our communities to be on our interview panels so that the public have a say in who supports and protects them.”

A police constable
Amit Patel

“As a female officer from a mixed heritage background I am well aware of the challenges faced by people from diverse backgrounds.

I have had the opportunity to work in many roles including CID, Child Protection, Community Policing, and Workforce Representation. Being different has always been a positive thing for me as it has meant that I am able to bring a different perspective to the jobs I deal with.”

A police constable
Rae Ellis

“I am a Police Sergeant on the Roads Policing Unit and a family liaison officer.  As Chair of the Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) I have worked towards making North Wales Police an attractive place to work for all ethnic minorities and a place where we can be proud of our differences. 

I have used the experience and knowledge of the members of staff and officers within BAPA to make further improvements in recruitment and culture of NWP to ensure that we are more reflective of the communities that we serve.”

A police sergeant
Liam Ho

“I have 27 years’ service in North Wales Police and have worked all over the force area during that period in numerous roles. I am now the Inspector on the Workforce Representation Team working with PC Amit Patel, PC Rae Ellis and Andrea Beedles our Positive Action Officer. We are committed to making our workforce more representative of the Communities it serves. 

We are utilising positive action support to encourage and support people from protected characteristics and underrepresented groups to consider joining North Wales Police, whether that be as a Police Officer or in a Police Staff role. We need more diverse people in our organisation to be able to deliver the policing service that all of our public deserve. We want everyone to be able to see someone like them in our Police Force.

It will always be the best person for the job, but to ensure we get the best talent pool we need to make sure we have a diverse mix of people from all backgrounds and skills to deliver our mission statement of “Making North Wales the safest place in the UK”.

A police inspector
Ceri Hawe

“As a black police staff member within North Wales Police, I am part of the solution to addressing the race imbalance within the service. My advice to Chief Officers and tireless contribution to race relations has been extremely positive, helping the community and the service to better understand and learn how to embrace each other, enhancing cohesion within the ever increasing diverse community of North Wales.”

A member of police staff
Roger Punnett

“As a PCSO with 15 years’ experience and a female of Asian descent I have been able to make a real difference to my local community.

I have found I have been able to use my personal knowledge and experience to help members of minority groups relate to the police in a positive way.

It is really important for the police to build up good relationships with all of our communities and I feel that I am really making a difference.”

A Police Community Support Officer
Robina Ahmed

"I am a member of police staff. I always wanted to follow in my family’s footsteps into the Police, like my father and my twin brother who both joined as officers in North Wales.

Due to a physical disability I was unable to join as an officer, but policing isn’t just about the officers though, I found there’s a wide variety of staff support roles. In 2017 I joined as staff on the Investigation Support Team, and in 2020 I became a Communications Operator in the Force Control Centre.

I find my role to be very fulfilling and I’ve been able to help a wide range of vulnerable community members, including suicidal callers and victims of fraud or domestic abuse and violence. I know I am making a real difference.

I’m proud to be an active member of our Disability Support Network which monitors and enables reasonable adjustments and fair treatment for all our officers and staff that live with a disability; and this is another area where I’m making a difference too which benefits all my colleagues."

Connor Davies
Connor Davies
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North Wales Police embraces diversity. We welcome applications from everyone.