Chief Constable Carl Foulkes says:

It is a huge privilege to be the Chief Constable of North Wales Police and this webpage is where I want to share my focus, aspirations and priorities as Chief Constable with you. It explores the aims of my ‘vision’, informs you of and what changes we are making to the way we do our job, and it also shows how our changing approach, supported by my ‘vision’ and the Police and Crime Commissioners’ priorities are making a difference to the communities of North Wales.

North Wales is an area of great beauty, diversity, culture and popularity, with residents, those who work here and visitors. As a police force, we play an important role in supporting and protecting all sections of the community.

I will be supporting my officers and staff to explore ways in which they as individuals and teams can ensure we tackle the issues which are affecting our communities, and over time, we’ll share our experiences with you on this page, so make sure you visit again for updates! My desire is to make North Wales the safest place in the U.K. and this vision plays an integral part in achieving this aim.