The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) are a group of independent community members who act as a critical friend to North Wales Police on Equality and Diversity issues.

The group works closely with the police service to ensure their policy, policing and general practices meet the aims of their strategic Equality, Diversity and Human Rights strategy and to provide a safeguard against disadvantaging any section of our diverse communities through the lack of understanding, ignorance and mistaken belief by the service, as set out by the Stephen Lawrence enquiry recommendations.

IAG members do not represent particular communities, but their valuable input and knowledge of particular groups can help to ensure that North Wales is better policed and a fairer place to live. Although the IAG work with the police, they are fundamentally independent of them, which allows for a more objective view of the police service as a whole. Advisers can and do see things from a different perspective and they are often able to anticipate how police responses to policing problems may affect and/or be interpreted by communities and this is one of the IAG's real values.

If you are interested in joining the IAG, please download the form and questionnaire below.

Aims of the IAG

  • To act as a critical friend to North Wales police in the case of critical incidents, which have the potential to affect local communities and public confidence
  • To increase trust and confidence in policing amongst the communities of North Wales
  • To encourage good relations between North Wales Police and the diverse communities of North Wales and to assist in communication with communities often thought to be 'hard to reach', such as the traveller and LGB and T communities
  • To provide constructive advice to the police about better delivery of their service