The Diversity Unit is responsible for developing strategy and promoting practical actions that support fairness in the workplace, and the delivery of a police service that is fair to all sectors of the community.

The unit plays a key role in ensuring policies and practices comply with relevant legislation and all staff fully understand the need to prevent discrimination from occurring and to promote better relations, both in the workplace and within our communities.

The Diversity Unit manages the co-ordination of the Force’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Board. This Board, that is Chaired by the Deputy Chief Constable provides the key strategic drive for the promotion and management of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the organisation.  The Strategic Board brings together key leads within the Force and includes Community and Independent Advisory Group representation.

One of the main roles of Local Diversity Officers is to visit and work with Community Members to promote an understanding of the policing process. The Diversity Officers have set up excellent working relationships with support groups in their local areas who sometimes act as third party information providers enabling victims of hate crime to report anonymously.

The Diversity Officers hold regular forums/community surgeries to discuss North Wales Police policy and strategic direction, aiming to provide members of the community with an understanding of the functions and policy of the Force.

The following consultation groups have been established:

  • Disability Consultation Group
  • LGBT+ Consultation Group
  • Mosque Leaders Group
  • Race Consultation Group
  • Trans Consultation Group

In addition to these Groups the Force has also established a Diversity Steering Group, which acts as a forum to consider both external and internal views in relation to diversity and to work with members of our communities in order to enable the Force to respond effectively to diversity issues.

If you would like to attend any of these groups or find out more about them please contact us either by emailing diversity liaison or calling 01492 805398.

Independent Advisory Group (IAG)

The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is composed of Advisors who are independent of the police service, independent of each other and independent of organisations. The IAG gives independent, impartial advice on both external and internal diversity issues involving North Wales Police.


How to contact North Wales Police for emergencies and non-emergencies and information about the text SMS service for the deaf community.